Gina Rabassi joins our Century 21 Champion family as a proud Marine spouse of over 27 years, arriving to Jacksonville from Indiana in 1991. Gina knows the challenges of moving intrinsically. She is ready and excited to show you all the potential real estate opportunities of this diverse and family oriented community. 

You can expect pure dedication, focus and empathy from her as this journey unfolds. Gina’s personal and professional experiences bring a wealth of knowledge and energy to the Century 21 Champion family. Gina won the 2019 Rookie Rockstar of the year by an unanimous vote among her peers at Century21 Champion's board of directors.

Gina is not JUST your average Real Estate Broker. A Marine spouse of 27 years, former Family Readiness Officer, serving both air and ground Marines, Sailors, and their families she has intrinsic knowledge of the area as well as resources available to families.

Gina will share her knowledge of North Carolina's Crystal Coast, Camp Lejeune, New River Air Station and Cherry Point Air Station, Camp Johnson, and Stone Bay as she has lived in these areas for more than 20 years while her retired Marine served on active duty. Jacksonville is now her family's forever town, and Gina is excited to share the growth and opportunities available to you and your family.

Gina is a natural born leader and continues to share her talents with the Camp Lejeune Leadership Seminar as a past board of directors member and current facilitator.  Gina's knowledge of the area, moving, and budgeting makes her the natural choice as your realtor.  Gina's Leadership extends with her integrity, honesty, and gravitas of negotiation. 

You want Gina on your side!

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